Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Septic wound infection and Oregano essential oil or "How to smell like pizza while killing bacteria"

From previous posts (and future posts...) you will glean the over-all love I have for pizza. This post is no different. :) Mmmm....pizza....Mmmm..... Anyway, please enjoy the following true-life story while thinking about pizza:

This kid is one adventerous, outdoors-y guy. Pictured above being kissed by a wolf-dog, this is my oldest child and also my only child to ever get a puncture wound. Not only is he the only one to get a puncture wound, but he gets puncture wounds at least several times a year. And, being an adventerous, outdoors-y BOY...he rarely actually cleans said pucture wounds. Like, ever. And thus we can see nature at work; bacteria enters the host's body through a puncture wound to the skin. The host, not apt to cleaning, lets the wound fester...ignoring the increasing amount of redness and soreness. Due to pain from the evil bacteria's health and vigor inside his body, the host starts limping and/or scrunching up his face when the infected wound gets randomly pressed. The host's mother then takes note of her child limping and/or grimacing in pain and inquires as to the host's well-being. Since this is not her first ball game, her suspicions about an infected puncture wound are confirmed when the host shows his mother the now very angry infection that has gone septic...meaning there are now scary red lines shooting out from the infection indicating that the infection is entering the blood stream. The bacteria are so happy! The host is in great pain and even danger if the bloodstream carries the infection to the heart or other important body parts. The mother is both worried and slightly irritated that her child 1. waited this long to show her the infection and 2. didn't clean the wound as soon as it occured. And thus the bacteria was beginning to "win."

In LBEO (Life Before Essential Oils,) when the above scenario took place in my home with my son, we usually rushed him to an urgent care or E.R. to get immediate medical attention. The treatment included soaking his foot in epsom salts (something we could easily do on our own without a Dr.'s orders) and a 10-day course of antibiotics (something I could not provide.) This protocol has now been slightly altered, I am happy to report. Read on:

A few months ago, my dear adventerous, outdoors-y son came to me about a sore spot on the bottom of his foot. It turned out he had a puncture wound he did not inform me about until now...until it was already an angry, red, swollen infection that was going septic. There were 2 read streaks coming out from the infection toward the top of his foot. After I got over my little rant about wearing shoes, cleaning wounds and TELLING YOUR MAMA WHEN YOU GET INJURED, I calmed down and got a foot soak ready with epsom salts (we keep them on hand now.) Having been educated about the nature of essential oils, their power and benefit in aiding our bodies to heal, and having had several totally awesome experiences with oils, I knew what course of action I wanted to take. In an empty gel capsule, I put 3-4 drops of Oregano essential oil, 3-4 drops of (Protective Blend) essential oil blend, and 1-2 drops of Frankinsense essential oil (just because it's amazing) and had him swallow it down*. When his foot was done soaking and dried, I put a few drops of the same oils on a sterile gauze pad along with some Fractionated Coconut Oil and bandaged his foot with it. I reapeated the capsule another 3-4 times every 4-6 hours. We re-soaked and re-bandaged the foot with the same essential oils a couple of times a day.

Even though I have seen over and over the healing power of essential oils, I was still amazed when, after only 24 hours, the scary red lines of the septic infection were gone! The infection, in general, was gone after about 48 hours! This was actually FASTER than when we had used prescription antibiotics...and with none of the awful side effects of intestinal upset, etc. It was AWESOME!

I was very pleased that my son was no longer in pain and danger from an infection. I was SUPER pleased that we had the tools to take care of this need here in our own home and at my discretion. I appreciate that we did not have to disrupt our family's whole day to sit for hours in a waiting room, though my son is worth that time, of course. I appreciate knowing that, instead of possibly harming my son in addition to killing the bacteria like prescription antibiotics would, the essential oils we used actually helped his body to be healthier and stronger on many different levels in addition to helping eliminate the harmful bacteria.

Having the knowledge and power to help my son's body heal from this serious infection leaves me with feelings of empowerment, well-being and security and ultimately means one thing to me: FREEDOM! Freedom from the constraints of the mainstream medical scene, freedom from the side-effects of pharmaceuticals, freedom from poor health and FREEDOM TO CARE FOR OURSELVES! :)


*do not ingest any kind of essential oils except doTERRA essential oils!! Why? Check out the post to the left about taking essential oils internally.

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